Second Opinion

I commented on someone elses question this question. Figured I needed to post it by itself. I am already well into treatment. I was diagnosed after having a seizure at work. Ambulance called, blah blah.... Anyway, I was transported that night by ambulance to the Mayo in Jacksonville and had all the usual tests done before I went home and started treatment with my first embolization. My doctor then thought that the best form of treatment would be radiation because of location and large size. If I got another opinion, would that be disrespectful since I have already started treatment. I am coming up on my two year angiogram to see how the radiation is working. I wish I had gotten a second opinion before getting started with treatment since it had not bled. I would be interested in an opinion from Dr Spetzler.

Melissa, it’s your health and your life, so it’s not disrespectful at all. Spetzler is one of the best, and a second opinion from him is easy. It will do one of two things - confirm your current course of treatment, or give you another option to think about. I did it, and the peace of mind it gave me was well worth it. Here’s the link:
Please keep us in the loop. All the best!

Thank you Tim. I didn't know what an AVM was until I had one. So I didn't question anything at the time. But since I have been on this site I have seen so many people that were told one thing by one doctor and something completely different by another. Some had surgery and theirs was completely removed with no deficits. I can't stop thinking what if I had gotten another opinion, would this thing still be in my head. The doctor at the Mayo knew I had young children, and said if he had the option he would definantly go with radiation treatment. He said that because of where it was located, it could paralyze my right side and effect my speech. Dr Hanel that was my doctor at the time of diagnoses actually studied under Dr Spetzler. Still though, it will bother me till the day I die if I don't know for sure.

I can understand why you would think its disrespectful BUT at the end of the day it is YOUR life and health...hope all works out well & God bless!

I would DEFINITELY get an opinion from Spetzler, cannot hurt.