Second day in icu

Well one thing is for sure…the icu waiting room is not designed for comfort. She had a rough night but this evening is better. They are keeping her blood pressure under 110/80 and she had some problems tonite but they got it under control fairly easily…her vision is really affected at this time. She will look at us and only see outlines. I so hope and pray most of it if not all comes back after the brain swelling goes down. She is on bedrest till monday but she has a really awesome night nurse tonite that is having an aide give her a bedbath and help her clean up which will help her feel better. Day by day is definetly our new rule and I know that everyday will bring healing. Thank all of you for caring and following her progress. I will be keeping in touch…Cindy

hi cindy,
sounds like the surgery went well…the sight thing could be for alot of reasons…swelling…medications…etc…i am praying for you guys all the time hope to hear another update soon…love and blessings to you both xxx

Hi Cindy
i really hope Christy’s sight improves and its just the swelling, will keep you all in my prayers, take care

Cindy and Christy and family, you are in the prayers of many. One minute, one hour, one day at a time is all there is. God bless and keep you all in the palm of His hand. I am praying for the most excellent out-come and recovery…And bless that nurse and the aide who will administer the bed-bath as I remember that was so very helpful to my body, mind and spirit. Be good to you. Take care of you.

Thinking of you and Christy. I hope each day gets better.

You and Christy are in my prayers, Cindy. Thank you for keeping us updated.