Second best

My second life or my third one?

Technically, this is my third shot at life. First is when I was born, second is 10 years ago, third is last year. But since one’s birth is just ‘natural,’ mine could just be another chance.

It shouldn’t be a big deal. I’m alive and living. What should matter is that I’m finally moving on.

It may be late, but as they say “Better late than never,” right? I also am not sorry. My second life, although not remarkable, is worthy of my tears and my pain.

It was then that I learned to smile. It was then that I appreciated friendship. It was then that I trusted, understood and believed. It was then that I loved.

I guess it’s just been hard for me to let go. I’ve been beginning ever since. Won’t you try to hold back and refuse giving up?

It would be harder to give in and just welcome my third life. But this is the choice I’ve finally set my mind to. A choice I will fight for until I myself believe.

I could laugh. I could strengthen bonds. I could venture again and live.

Happy New Year!

Keep on going. I went thru a few close calls thru my life as well. Since this happened to me; I now have no fear in telling people that I remember seeing an angel, by my bed when I was young. I also have learned not to fear (False, Evidence, Appearing, Real), I learned that from reading; Neale Donald Walsch’s books “Conversations with God” and Dr. Wayne W.Dyer; he has written so many wonderful books on being a positive human being on this earth. Living with love in mind will give you much strenght. Besides; when you read good stuff, nothing negative can come in. What you concentrate on is what you experience. Love Linda