Sclerogel -- a new breakthrough?

I saw a post about Sclerogel on a Facebook group, and it seems as though it could be very important to a lot of us:

If you are headed to the doc soon, please ask about this new sclerosant and report back any feedback you get. Thanks!

Wow, thanks for posting this. I will be sure to ask our doctor about this!

Thank you for sharing. I haven't had a check up... don't want to go through another procedure, but I know I probably will have to. It's good to see something new.

Can you share what Facebook group you heard about this in??

It is called "Venous Malformation," mom s.

Thank you. I still can not seem to find this group. Do you think you can post the link to it?? Thanks again.

Here you go, mom s:

Thanks for this share!! I haven't been on here in awhile and will be going to Boston CHildren's with my son for continued treatment! I Will definitely ask about this!! OH! and join the FB group!!! THANKSSSS!

Good morning,

The results shown were amazing! Hope this drug will be able to help members of this group.

Take care,

Update on sclero: it is for use with VMs only, not AVMs. But hopefully, something similar can be developed for avms.