Ok so this has nothing to do with my health, but i was so excited that i had to share the good news with everyone on here. so i went to go see my school counsler to see exactly how many more class’s i have lef to take. well come to find out i only need 21 more credits to graduate, that meens just a semester and a half to go, ill be done my the middle of this next summer coming up. i am so glad to almost be done with school!!


thanks guys!!

Congrats Kaleena! That is wonderful news. I myself am a total geek and never wanted to leave school… I say that now that I don’t actually have to go anymore. :slight_smile:

Hello Kaleena. School is an excellent adventure! So pleased you will be done soon so as you can continue onward and upward. Be good to you. take care of you. You are in my prayers.

That’s great Kaleena, thrilled for you just keep on keeping on girl.