Scarring after the op on front left lobe AVM

Sorry for the delay, but I have posted two photo's of my head 1 week post op and the other 2 weeks post op after I had the stiches out. As you can see it looked a lot worse than it actually was.
I healed well, however when the nurse took the stiches out, it was quite red and inflamed, which was logical, but with a lot of Bio Oil, moisturisers and "scar tape" it is unnoticeable by people. I am quite tall, so unless I am sitting down, most people can't see the top of my head.
I obviously notice it in the mirror etc, but that is to be expected.
On the whole I am very happy with how it has healed, so any of you guys who are not as "folically challenged" as me and have a good head of hair, you should be right as rain.
I hope this gives you confidence to those that are about to have the op.

32-001.JPG (1.33 MB) 33-005.JPG (1.48 MB)

Congrats on your recovery! Mine was in the right frontal lobe, but I had staples rather than stitches.
It does look worse initially- but although I’m not ‘follicly challenged’, I now have to contend with a little row of spikes showing through my existing hair!!!

You can hardly even tell where you were you had your surgery. Mine is located in the same area. If this round of radiation doesn't work, I'll have to have surgery like you. Fingers crossed that it will work and no new feeders will grow. Even if it doesn't, I'll have a better visualization of what I'll look like when I come out. I have lots of hair, well except for the bald spot on top of my head right now. Grow hair grow!!!!

The only thing I have now, is that now all the swelling has gone, I can feel where the holes are and where they stapled the bone back in place, however this can only be felt, you can't see it.

I am a little over one year post op from my AVM removal. I have a fairly large scar starting right about my left eye and roles around the back and down to my left ear. Everyone says I should wear mine with pride and that I am a warrior. There are times I am a little worried about it. Since I always wear a hat or beanie, you don't see it very often. I do wear something at church because I do have kids ask what happened to my head. All in all, I am fine with it but there are times I do struggle with it. Hopefully one day I can look in the mirror and not see it.

This life has given me a few scars as well. My craniotomy left a big one on the back of my head in the hair line. The CFNG put some nice ones on each side of my face. Performed by a plastic surgeon so in time won’t be noticeable. Chicks dig scars.

I still have scars on me noggin, like you Zac, they are scars of a warrior, a survivor. Although not attractive to most, worn by AVM survivors for life, a symbol of a victorious battle, daily won and daily fought!! Mine still 8years post craniotomy, itch like the dickens!! And have forever given me an altered updated new wave hairstyle to boot : )

I did have a nice collection of Hats as I am as bald as a coot, but nobody as ever asked me about my scar and I can't believe the World has become polite over night, so it can't be as noticeable as I think.
I did have some fun with Wigs for a while, especially when going to parties (cruel really)
I had a nice Eddie Van Halen job and a "Slash" wig, which went down a storm.
When I took it off, most people said "I can't see nay scar" and these people now had every opportunity to make a comment, but didn't.
So have confidence out there.