So about 2 weeks ago I was brought to the hospital with horrible exploding pain, they did cat scan and said my brain is swelling a lot. Ok so they put me back on steriods kind of sucks but have to deal with it right? Heres the problem my brain is swelling in my thalumus controls a lot, the biggest effect I have is writing and keeping my hands from jittering I feel so out of it all the time it’s scarey. The worst part is I had to go back to work this week which is good I work for the doctors at my hospitals so they can watch me if need be, but yesterday our cook was talking to our head chief saying he can;t read my writing which i know he cant but its not my fault at all :frowning: i went off on hima nd left crying) So now my job is in jeporday and it’s not fair I didn’t ask for this what should i do i need help :frowning:

I would hope that they would not let you go from this job because of this?? That is crazy. Don’t you have a boss you can talk to and explain everything to them or get a doctors note to explain it all? It must be so hard to be on steroids and still have to go to work and everything. I have heard they make you feel pretty crappy plus I’m sure you are tired too.
Somehow you have to get lots of rest when you can and that will help your brain swelling and make you feel better faster.
I hope you are okay. You are just too young to have all of this to deal with- not fair at all!

Katie- the thing you need to do is look for a “reasonable accomodation” to have in place of hand writing. Could you talk into a tape recorder and have that transmitted? Can you do everything on a computer? Your job has to be protected in the sense that you have a disability and they have to work to accomodate that. I know it sucks and the getting emotional part happens even more on steroids. Look for a solution though. I think that will help to keep the confidence from your superiors. Good luck!!!

I agree with Shalon. Talk to your boss and tell him (or her) about your jittery hands and the fact that you’re on steroids for the time being, and suggest other options (i.e., computer, tape recorder, etc.) for you to communicate with other people besides writing. They DO need to make reasonable accommodations for you, and I’m sure they’ll be glad to. Don’t worry! It’ll be okay!