I’m a little confused and scared.
I had an angiogram done in July, however prior to this the dc said my treatment would be done under local anestetic via the artery in my leg.

I spoke to the Dc yesterday and he’s now advising I be put under general anestetic because my AVM in my arm is large and will be very painful.

I have been using my arm a lot more and I’m back at work having had six months off (Tia in jan and heart surgery in march).
I’m thinking now that I should just leave the AVM alone and messing with it could make things worse.
Does anyone have any advice ie doe anyone know of risks leaving an AVM alone, what’s worse that could happen??? Any info would be greatly appreciated

Thank you I will. We’re you under general when you had treatment??

Aylen, your doctor suggested there was a 30% risk of cancer from an untreated AVM?? I'm not positive, but that sounds like misinformation to me. There is an increased risk of cancer from AVM treatments, because angiograms/arteriograms, CTs, and stereotactic radiation all expose patients to some pretty heavy-duty radiation, but I have never heard or read anything about an AVM itself causing cancer.

Hi, Claire, if an arm AVM is left alone, it can progress through muscle, nerve, and bone. The pain can increase, it may ulcerate, you may lose functionality, and if extensive enough, it may put strain on your heart. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that these things won't happen even if the arm is treated, as some extremity AVMs do not respond well to treatments and may get aggravated by them. I don't know the statistics either way; I believe more people are helped by treatment than not. I also believe that the odds can be improved by taking doxycycline and eating anti-angiogenic foods to prevent revascularization, as well as avoiding smoking, alcohol, NSAIDS, stress, heat, etc. (See Cindy Phillips's list of dos and don'ts for AVMs -- It would be so much easier for Extremity AVMers if there was one clear path to take, but the best thing you can do is read as many stories as you can, talk to your doctor, and make the most informed decision possible.

Thank you I shall ask the questions when I see the specialist on the 24th