Scared -need support - Newly diagnosed

To All,

I had a seizure on November 16th driving to work. It was diognosed two days later as an AVM on the back of my brain near the fuction that controls eye sight. I understand that the seizure was a good thing, that it highlighted there was a problem. I thank the doctors at riverside community hospital in riverside, ca for ordering the mri while I was in the emergency. Surgery will be done at Loma Linda. Scared out of my mind. I am 46 years old with a wonderful wife and 5 kids. Can't get it out of my mind that they are going to open up my head to take it out. I have a good surgion (Dr. Sean Armin) riverside, ca. The surgery will be done in early Jan. I could use some good stories of People that have gone through this surgery.

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Corona, Ca

Hi Derrick. Welcome to the group. It is perfectly normal to be scared. I would be concerned if you were not worried. I had my brain surgery done 22 years ago. Just think how marvelous you will feel knowing that the AVM is gone!

Hi Derrick.

It’s absolutely normal to be freaked out. The thought of brain surgery is scary. The good thing is that although it sounds like the worst possible thing…well the docs are pretty good at it and to them it’s almost a “piece of cake!” How odd to say, but those docs do it day in and day out. Right? I know that doesn’t really help, but :slight_smile:
We have some great stories on here of successful surgeries! If you don’t get a bunch of replies here, do a couple things and you will find them. You can do an advanced search under the member tab and put in “Craniotomy” as the treatment. Also just a search in the blogs and forum for the same thing will give you many results!
Good luck. There are many people here to help you through this tough time. It’s a great place!

I’m with the docs; it is good you found the AVM before it bled. My husband at 52 had his bleed, of course we never even knew he had an AVM, so during that time it was very scary about the unknown. He had a craniotomy a week later and although we had several “bumps in the road” during the recovery period, he really is doing awesome. He does have ¼ vision loss in each eye, but this has not stopped him from returning to work full time 3 months post op, and getting back to reading novels as he did before. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family, we look forward to answering any questions you may have, this is a wonderful “family”, and gave me so much hope and info during our “trip”.