Scalp Screws?

Hi all. I talked to my radiologist today and he set me up for an appointment to get measured for “scalp screws”. Apparently they have to screw the head gear to my head during the proton therapy treatment. I know I’m being a big baby but this is not something I want to do!! Oh, well. Just suck it up. It’s a means to an end.

Your not a baby . That has to be friightening for you . I wish you all the best .

No, that does not sound very nice at all. They do that for Gamma too and it was one of the things I had such a hard time with when my son had it done; that someone was going to screw something into my son’s head…I just couldn’t relax about it and it seems so unreal to me. I am sorry to say this but I will tell you that my son said that the screws themselves don’t hurt but the freezing to put them in is not too nice. I don’t mean to scare you but I think it is good to know beforehand. Could you tell them you are really apprehensive and maybe they can give you some nice drugs beforehand? They don’t want you to faint or anything and I’m sure people have. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need!!! It is fine for them to say that you’ll be fine when it isn’t them that is having this done! I think they should do whatever they can to make it easier and comfortable. And I will repeat, Take music and earphones for your treatment day! Take care Sara.

When I had the proton beam, they drilled three holes into my skull an placed makers the size of BBs in them so that they would know where to shoot the beams. It was done under a local anesthesia. I was very scared, you’d be crazy not to be nervous! lol

Hi Sara,for my gamma they put four pins in my head too,this was a year ago for me,still waiting on results,they said could take years,but they did the pins for my halo as well,hang in there I will be praying for you,caroline

Nothing Babyish about it Sara, you’d be mad not to worry, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, take care.

Thank you all for the comments! It’s so great to have people who understand.