Scalp avm embolisation cost

does anyone know average cost of embolization? my AVM is just outside of the skull and not related to the brain. I have done one surgery 15 years ago to remove it and now it grows back near that area. It is still growing every year slowly. I am now 37 years old. Please let me know how much should I save money to do embolization operation in Singapore or Bangkok or India.


I was quoted for a brain embolization a couple of years ago in the UK at £12,000 as a minimum. If any stay in hospital after 2 days was required, it would have been more.

I know this is not where you wanted but may be helpful as a reference.

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Thanks DickD, I was searching the forum and all I found are around 6 figures USD. I definitely can’t afford 6 figures USD. I can possibly save £12,000 and do it mid next year. I hope it will buy me another 15 years or so.

I would have thought in the parts of the world you’re looking for, it might be more expensive (Singapore?) or less expensive. But if you get the money saved up and you don’t find somewhere nearer home, I would definitely give you the name of my consultant interventional radiologist!

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