Saw my doc today

had my mri done a month ago and met with him today. he said being a year post gamma my scans look good. he could see the avm already starting to scar as he called it. i have another mri in a year and my angiogram 2 years from now. :grin: just wanted my homies to know the good news


Awesome! I remember the day I had my angiogram after my surgery, and I found out it was gone. It was just about the best day of my life.
All the best,



Sounds like perfectly good news! Keep on keeping on and before you know it, you’ll wonder where that year went!

Thanks for keeping us in your side :slightly_smiling_face:


Great to hear! Nice to have the time lines for follow up defined. Take Care, John.

i think thats the part that was bothering me the most. yea i dont know if the radiation is doing its thing. but the timeline after, thats the part i wanted to know. how much longer do i have. its so nice and refreshing to know

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Hi that’s great news. I’ve been so frustrated not knowing how long mine will take to go. They said it could take up to 4 years but that some go after 18months. It’s been 2 years since my gamma knife and after every 6month MRI now, I feel so upset that it hasn’t gone. Knowing yours is definitely 3 years means you can stay focused on your goal. All the best.

18 months is really quick to have an avm gone, they must have had a sorta high dose of radiation. why are you having to do mri’s every 6 months? the amount of time it takes for an avm to go away really does suck, but when i get down i just think that im lucky to be alive so every day after the pop (as i call it) is a blessing

Hi, yes you’re so right and a good reminder to be grateful to be here, which I am but sometimes the disappointment takes over. It will definitely help me to focus on that next time, thank you. I have more MRIs because they also found a benign brain tumour! which they are monitoring for any growth! And my next mission to maybe try to get rid of! Take care. Gill

gotcha, thays one thing i was scared of when they started looking into my head was more crap to be wrong.