Save the best Shot for Cory Weissman

Cory Weissman is one of the best athletes in his school. However, when he suffered a stroke on March 26, 2009, his entire career in basketball has been idled for a while.

Cory Weissman is yet very young and is one of the thousands of young adult victims of AVM. It was not easy to suffer from something he least expect in life. When Cory suffered from stroke, his body became futile for a couple of months, which forced him to refrain from dribbling the ball.

However, despite the sacrifices he had to go through, his mom remained his inspiration to get moving again. He kept training and exercising. Although he felt like half-dead, his heart continued to beat, with the hope of coming back to the basketball team and play again.

Fortunately, with the help of his best friend Trelease and Lang, he was able to get back to the team as player. Right on the Senior Day at Gettyburg, for the basketball game against College of Maryland, Cory Weissman did make it.

It was neither a dream anymore nor a wish that has kept on begging for a while. It was indeed a reality! And for the last 11 seconds, Cory shot the ball during his free throw, and that was counted. Cory Weissman indeed has made the best final shot for the team again and that was what matters the most.

Read his story today and be inspired: Braun: Jackson basketball standout sidelined by stroke in college gets final shot

Thank you so much for sending this amazing story, Mary...I truly believe that if you stay strong and stay positive, amazing things can happen.

HI Louisa,

You are very welcome. This is what I do. I will keep sharing good news so that others will be inspired to live on. I believe in the same way as you do. Stay positive all the time.:)