San Antonio-Austin area looking for a great neurosurgeon/rehab

I'm not sure how all of this works. I'm trying to find a good neurosurgeon and a rehab place in the area. Can you help me out here? Thanks~Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth. Click on members at the top of the page then click on advanced search. You can find members who live in the San Antonio area that way.

I was transferred to San Antonio from Corpus. I went to University Hospital and went to Reeve's rehab in that hospital. My neurosurgeon was Dr. Koebbe and Dr. Chen (not too sure of Chen's name, it was something like that). My details are fuzzy. I was there for two months with a month gap between each month. Gabrielle Giffords was sent to Houston, you could probably Google her and find out more specifics about what hospital and rehab she was in and who her doctors were.

Thanks Kristi.

Gabby Gifford's doctor was Dr. Dong Kim @ Memorial Hermann Hospital/Mischer Neuroscience Institute in Houston.

I highly recommend Dr. Kim & his team at Mischer. Dr. Kim is in charge of my treatment. I have an active AVM (have had 3 GK treatments) and 2 clipped aneurysms. Dr. Chen @ Mischer performed my first angiogram, and neurgologist Dr. Anita Madan @ Mischer is who I see for migraine management.Dr. Levy also assisted with my care after my craniotomy for the aneurysms.

I think the rehab facility Giffords was at is TIRR Memorial.

Thank you for all the information Ms. Collins. Have a great week.