Safety of plavix with an AVM?

Does anyone have info on weather or not being on a blood thinner, such as Plavix is safe with an AVM? Could plavix increase the risk of hemmorage? Any info or thoughts are so appreciated !!

Rhett, I’m not sure about Plavix, but I’d recommend having this discussion with your doctor. Generally speaking, blood thinners are not a good thing to take with an AVM.

Doctors are human, so unless they are familiar with AVMs, they may not be aware of the risk of hemorrhage when taking blood thinners.

Rhett, I don't think blood thinners will increase the risk of hemorrhage, but they can definitely complicate the situation SHOULD you experience a bleed. Sames goes for aspirin, despite the proven benefits to heart health. GK

Thanks for clarifying, Greg. It doesn’t increase the chance of hemorrhage, but it could exacerbate the situation if one occurs.