Safest car

Anybody knows a good/safe car that maybe can stop :stop_sign: if a person has a grand mal seizure?
I know Tesla is supposed to have Full Self Driving but as soon as you move the steering wheel that thing deactivates

Some car have Lane Keep Assist but I’m not sure if that blocks it
But I know Collision Emergency brake

I have old BMW that doesn’t even have rear view camera

I’m planning getting back to driving this year last seizure was 6 months after brain :brain: surgery but they said the first 6 months brain is still irritated

The EEG came really good
I’m doing another 72 hours EEG next month and will ask neurologist

I appreciate answers

Of course the safest thing you can do is

  1. never drive

But that seems unrealistic

What I want to do is

  1. data data data
  2. when neurologist says it’s safe
  3. drive with the safest car I can buy


I think the thing you need to look for is autonomous emergency breaking (AEB) on a car. This is getting to be much more commonly available. It is different from emergency brake assist (EBA) because that only enhances the braking that you are doing as a driver: what you’re looking for is that forward scanning and active braking technology.