Sad when your happy your kid has strep throat

Andrew had complained of a sore throat since he woke up after his angio on Tuesday. He started complaining of increased headache and some nausea along with the sore throat. I took him to the doctor today because the headache was getting worse and he vomited. I wasn’t sure if he just had a bug or complication from the angio. Well, it was only strep throat. They gave him an antibiotic shot and an anti-nausea shot. He laid there and sobbed. I know the shots hurt, but this kid has barely shed a tear through his whole ordeal. I think it was just the last straw and he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

How sad! Poor kid. But at least it IS only strep. I’m sure it is a big relief and that is probably the most tearful part…

ahhhhhh… that’s so sad. I guess he was probably just feeling so rotten. Hopefully the antibiotics kick in quick.

Poor kid…but I certainly understand your relief!

Awww …We will continue to be strong and hang in there for Andrew and believe in a miralce . Its hard I cried so much and other times i went thinking too much and find myself daydreaming what can i do. There days that really hard but everytime i saw John we were strong and so was he. He did cry at first and he did feel why me and now he facing it and hanging there. I still going through something at time i want to cry i guess because we went through so much and sometimes im happy and other times im scared because people say it can come back. well take care and be strong you are in my thoughts and prayers