Rupture: Living with a Broken Brain

I just watched a very interesting documenury on BBC4 -
Rupture: Living with a Broken Brain

2 stories are about an AVM, one a very small boy. Just very intetresting to watch - stories, thoughts, what if, the whole lot. Well worth it.


Thanks for posting this up. There was an interview with Miriam in one of the main British Newspapers.
I've just watched it and it is fascinating. I've also forwarded the link to people who may be interested as it is poetic and philosophical.

Thanks for posting Rich, I will be sharing with friends and family x

Would love to have watched! Unfortunately it is unavailable to those of us outside of the UK :(

Thats a pity. Can u not pick it up from iplayer tho?

I've just watched this on BBC4..... It was an amazing insight into what we go through....

What did people think about it? I liked how he compared the synapses in the brain to the cosmos. Billions and billions of them, and what a remarkable piece of machinery the brain is. For me it was a celebration of what peoples brains are capable of, consciousness, memory, imagination. Fascinating programme.

Hi flower, I could really relate to the programme, to be honest the first 5 mins hit home for me, the peace and tranquility to the mad noise and rushed pace of life, everything going from slow to fast was exactly how things were for me after my bleed. I forwarded the link to friends and family, my husband having been here every step of the way with me, found the program to be informative and great insight to the different types of injuries a brain can have. My sister law said she found it depressing. One of the guys at work found it interesting but painful to watch he just wanted to give me a hug down the phone.

yes, part of the programme can be difficult, but a bleed on the brain is that exactly.......

One bit of it struck me a bit - altho i'm an atheist and each to their own, one of the doctors said that he had surgery on many patients, bleed on the brain. Because of the damage, he had met many people after or before, who had serious brain damage. Now, if you have serious damage for the rest of your life - a life of hard ship, etc - what happens when they pass away? Do They suddenly become "normal" before the bleed in the after life? And if so, why did the people had to suffer so? So he tha doctor said that ever since then, he was an atheist.

Something that i hadnt really though about..........

No, us Yankees can't watch it. Quite unfortunate actually. I'd like to see it.

Thank you for sharing this Rich yet I am also one of those on the other side of the pond that is unable to watch this :(((!

Hi Gee,

I could relate to that bit, thought it was captured really well, how your senses are bombarded and how important quiet is.

i cant wait to watch this. thank you!

Hi all, im trying to get hold of the video for anyone especially our USA friends - there is a trailoer here at least -

I saw that Rich. I thought it was very good. I was still in hospital when it was on so it was double good for me to see it. Makes you realize how many people don't survive.

Hi rich
I would love to see this also , have you any idea how I can ?


I really dont know im afraid emma. There are short bits in youtube, but not else. I have a copy in my SkyBox but i dont know how to copy over. Best thing would be too contact the BBC? They normally are helpful....