Rupture after a gym session?

Hey all, I just wondered how many of you had a rupture after a gym session? Were you doing heavy lifting/cardio? Was it at the gym or hours after etc?

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Mine happened while at home, fairly early in the day. I had been at the gym the previous day but nothing to link the two for me. John.

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I was being a 10 year old playing in my treehouse when I started getting a headache. Went inside told my parents then they gave me a Tylenol. Figured it was spring allergy because it was May. Sat down in a chair and got blurry vision in my right eye. Next the rupture. Remember going blind and then blacked out because the pain was so bad.

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My original headache started after lifting super heavy weights & lasted a few days so my doctor ordered a CT… from there the rest is history as they say & my AVM journey started… since then back in 2010 I have not done any crazy heavy weights & it was discovered I did not have a bleed it was just strain from the workout… unfortunately for me my AVM bled 1 month later while at home alone… that was scary & very traumatic till this very day… God bless!

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I lifted heavy weight for almost a decade. Deadlifting & squatting slightly over 450 Lbs. I never had an issue at all.

My rupture/hemorrhage happened after my first time in a sauna on vacation.

Since my embolization(almost ten months ago) I have been working my way back up - I am not looking to hit my max personal records. But, I am back to being able to lift & lift a lot - I deadlift 315 pounds in sets & “almost” pushed triple plates on a incline bench last week.

I do of course believe that high intensity, in the gym or elsewhere can be the final straw to cause a hemorrhage when you have a “ticking time bomb” of a AVM


My AVM bled in 2013 after doing a spin class. I had a second bleed in 2018. Since then, I continue to excercise but I don’t get my heart rate up too high and I don’t left heavy weights.

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Was your AVM treated/removed - or?

No as there is no treatment that is feasible, I’ve decided to continue living with it. If it bleeds a third time, I will probably have surgery to have it removed. My AVM is in the ventricle
so the bleeds did not cause long term damage.

I wish you good luck and I’m happy to answer any questions.


Gotcha. . . Well, try your best to be safe.

Pushing ourselves to the limit isn’t always a good thing, that’s for sure

My avm began “leaking “ early in a group low weight/high rep workout and had to be carried out by the emts, rushed to a hospital for an emergency resection of the avm that resided on my motor cortex leaving me paralyzed on the left

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Was it diagnosed/treated prior to this?

I am always very interesting in anything related to working out/fitness - and, try to apply it to my own case for safety

Hi. My AVM is unruptured and was ‘discovered’ after I developed a related condition. Docs have advised me not to do heavy lifting or weights though. I’ve always assumed this was to do with the increased body strain.

My AVM was discovered when it ruptured when I was out rowing in a rowing skull. I had a bit of a headache, some confusion but was able to row back to the dock. I was all scheduled to have gamma knife surgery after the stroke but the AVM miraculously spontaneously regressed on its own and the gamma knife surgery was called off. Now I am being monitored and been told not to let my heartrate get above 160 bpm and not to row, mainly because of the extra danger of being out on the water. I am 65 years old.



160bpm < I’d die

Diagnoses was a long time ago. At 14 my AVM caused hydrocephalus. I found out AVM was the culprit about 15 years later. They told me to avoid weight-lifting or any strenuous exercise that could cause a rupture then. I have and so far it hasn’t ruptured. Its possible that advice has changed since then though or it might just be coincidence. I expect I’ll never know.

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You’re not the only one! I can’t imagine it …

Some of us fitness folk do get pretty intense. I was doing sets of leg presses with 540 pounds yesterday. To me - this is quite turned down from my prior to this 720.

We’re all different - when I hit 120 bpm I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin

But, so far - so good. . . I monitor myself closely throughout the day - blood pressure is stable, even with me back to working in the sun + lifting almost daily(I miss 1-2 days per week, usually)

Sorry for the late response. We were monitoring my medium to large AVM. 3 MRIs a year apart showed no change so doc said resume normal activity and come back in a year. Didn’t make it. Mine “leaked “as it was surgeon said i was circling the drain. 55 when discovered by chance. Docs said said I’d probably die with it. Almost died because of it