Running London Marathon 2014


I have a place in next years London marathon. I have run one prior to all the work on my head and run 20 half marathons.

Having had a right frontal lobe avm (4cm), embolised (Nov 2013),then Stereotactic radiotherapy (Apr 2014).

Friends and family are horrified that I would even consider it! Does anyone else have any thoughts?

Best wishes to you all


Al, have you already had the embolization and stereotactic radiotherapy? The dates you mention are in the future. If you already had treatment, it matters how long ago your radiotherapy was, as it takes two or even three years for the radiation to do its work on the avm. If you have not been declared "obliterated" by your doctors, then running a marathon would represent a significant risk, and I understand why your family and friends would be concerned.


Yes. Sorry. Embolisation was November 2012. The Radiotherapy was April this year. I was told that the Onyx glue had got 95% of the AVM and then the Radiotherapy would finish off the job if you will. I was then told to basically have a normal life.

I did the sensible thing and rang the consultant this morning for a definitive answer and will go with what he suggests. Even if I don't like it.

Thanks for your swift response.

Best wishes


If it’s obliterated, I say go for it, life is short…but, then again, I’m not a doctor.

I can totally relate to horrified friends and family to some of my (some not so hot) ideas, even though mine is gone as well.

I had a small one in my left frontal lobe. It was taken out by craniotomy about 2 years ago. Finished the Baltimore marathon last weekend.

I'd talk to your Doc, but I'd hope you run it too.

Congratulations, Paul! That is really cool. Feel free to post about your marathon on the new "Success Stories" tab at the top of the page. It might be encouraging to other members.

Fantastic. I’m waiting to hear from the consultant. Worse than waiting to hear if I got in. Still training hard :wink: I’ll keep you posted.
Ps what was your time? Was it a pb?

4.20.00 Not a PB - it was only my 2nd!

4.20. Pretty good. London next year should be my second. Aiming for 4.19. Haha

It doesn't hurt to have a goal post treatment. You and your doctor will know what you can handle. Be honest with yourself though and let yourself defer your bib to 2015 if you are not on track.

I have an active non treated AVM and when i asked my neuro about running a marathon as I had planned to this year he told me as long as I was feeling up to it to go for it. He basically told me that I could keep living my life as normal even with an active AVM. I will say that he advised me to ensure that I train well for anything I plan on doing which is probably good advice for anyone, AVM or not.

I didn't end up running my marathon since I was still recovering from brain surgery I had for an unrelated aneurysm last year but I am starting to train again and am hoping to run the marine corp marathon next year.

Always check with your doc before hand though just to make sure that they don't see any significant risk in the activities that you chose to partake in.

Good news! Mr G has given me the go ahead. He even asked me to run for his charity! Hooray! Better get my trainers on :slight_smile:

Excited for you, Alex!