Round 3 Monday - Let's Go!

Hi all!
Well, Round 2 went so much better than Rd 1. I had post op Migraine for a day or so but that was about it. I chalk that up to brain vascular reset and the healing principle of it has to get worse before it gets better. Well, at least that’s what I tell myself.

Most of the right side of brain network has been shut down. Doc believes the cortical drainage is halted and took it from High Grade to Low Grade. Round 3 should make that a certainty, if not already 100% occluded. Wow - I feel so much better. It’s not just the brutal untreatable up to 28 day consecutive headaches that have since August been eliminated, it’s in general I just feel so much better in my wellness. Probably better than ever bc in my diligence leading up to diagnosis and wondering what the hell was wrong with me I had gone to extremes in fitness & diet all in hopes of feeling better. Now I know what the underlying cause of feeling like garbage really was all about. Since I have kept the diet & am on fitness hiatus until I get through all this it just added to feeling SO much better!! I just thought I was lethargic, etc. because I was recently over 50.

2 goals were set from start 1) Stop cortical drainage & get to Low Grade…believe we have met or gonna meet Goal 1 next round, 2) Reduce Hypertension & eliminate Papilledema…well, I have not seen much improvement in eyesight. As reference my eyeglass RX doubled since February. So, that will be the big obstacle as we move forward. The left side fistula network is where my “good” unoccluded dural sinus is located so playing around in that network comes with risk. That is why I probably will have to live with the “whooshing” in left ear long term. But, that is definitely tolerable. So, just need to keep chipping away to get that papilledema resolved.

Nice touching base with everyone & hope this journal helps future DAVF patients. SA


Wish you nothing but the best!

Shoot, I have that awesome permanent “wooshing”. At first it sounded like an electric substation within my left ear ventricle - it made it tough to sleep for well over six months I’d say. It died down over time - and now it’s a constant “wooshing”

Now, the “whooshing” is the new normal - all of my visits back with the neuro’s confirm. . . I hate the quiet, I always like noise to tune it out.

Again - wish you the best!!!

So glad to hear RD 2 went better! Seems like everything is progressing as it should and soon you’ll be back to your better self! Best wishes for a successful surgery and easy recovery on Monday!

Honestly, that sounds remarkable! Who knows why some ops feel dreadful afterwards and others perfect? Merl in the Modsupport team will tell you simply that no two are the same (and he’s had more than his fair share, so I bow to his knowledge).

Really good to know you’ve turned a corner! Well done!

Very best wishes for the week ahead!