Road to Recovery?

Hi everyone,
My father had an AVM June 2013. He had an embolization to treat the AVM but the doctor did not go far enough into the brain to obliterate the AVM and instead squirted the onyx too close to the brain stem. This caused brain damage and a major stroke. He had a 2 week stay in Neuro ICU followed by 6 weeks of inpatient rehab at the hospital and then 93 days at a nursing/rehab center. He moved in with my family in October. He was going to outpatient therapy 3 days a week and seemed to be progressing and all if a sudden started to regress. I had taken him to many Neuro surgeons and Interventionalists and finally found one I trust enough to let him do another angiogram. He found no Onyx at all in or around the AVM. The AVM was larger now because the first doctor failed to successfully treat the AVM the first time. He had an embolization last week Thursday that treated about 70% of the AVM and a craniotomy followed by surgical re-sectioning on Friday to remove the rest. He is still mostly unresponsive and still on a breathing tube. It seems like he is just a smidge more responsive every day. Can anyone else share their experiences with me so I have an idea of how long our road to recovery might be. His doctor is a bit upset with the outcome of the procedure because he was hoping for a better result.

Hi, Michelle, I am sorry to hear your dad had so many complications with avm treatment. It is very individual how long it takes to recover. A smidge more responsive each day is excellent news, and you should be encouraged by that. We have had members in comas for months who recovered quite well eventually. I can give no promises or predictions, but will send positive energy to you and your dad. Keep us posted, as we are all rooting for him!

Michelle..I wish the best for your Dad's recovery. Please know that it takes time for your brain to heal. Stay Strong and Positive.

Sorry to hear about your father Michelle. It really is impossible to say just how long his recovery may be. Every AVM is different. Every surgery is different. Every recovery is different. The brain does have an amazing capacity to heal but it does take time. Even small progress now is a good sign. We're all thinking of you. Best wishes.

Thanks you girls. It is just such a slow process.