Risks with multiple embolization followed by a craniotomy

So, after MRI, MRA, and a recent cerebral angio, my doctors are telling me that my AVM is a bit spread around in the right optical cortext and treatment will possibly involve 3 to 5 embolizations spread over several months and then followed finally by a craniotomy. And they are not sure if it is worth all the risk. I am going to get 1 or 2 more opinions from different doctors. Have any of you gone thro' a similar dilemma? Or have you had multiple embolizations? What are the risks?. Any info will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

My AVM was in my right occciptal/parietal lobes. I had 3 embolizations before my craniotomy. My AVM was completely resected and I am now AVM free. Unfortunately, I had a major bleed and was in a coma so I don't remember any of it so I can't really offer much insight. I can tell you that the embolizations were done over the course of a couple of weeks, not months withe the craniotomy done approximately a month after my bleed. It is good you are seeking additional opinions. Your doctors should be able to tell you what the risks of multiple embolizations are. I will tell you that my surgoen believes that had I known about the AVM he could have successfully removed it safely and I wouldn't have the deficits I have because of the bleed. Best of luck to you!

Trish, thanks for the reply. I just read your profile, Its amazing what you have gone through and yet you are trying to help others out.Keep it going. I can't wait to come out at the other end of this tunnel and do my bit to help others.