Risk of a bleed

My partner is 52 he has just been diagnosed with a 5cm avm with multiple aneurysms. He has not had a bleed. We are told the risk of a bleed is 2% per year which starts now but given he’s had it all is life this % is hard to understand. I’ve read elsewhere that the risk is 105- age which would sound like the risk is less the older you are. Can anyone clarify please?

The 2-4% is the risk for a particular year -- for instance, your partner's risk of a bleed is 2-4% for 2012. The 105 - age is a cumulative risk, or the risk that it will bleed in his lifetime. So, there would be a 53% risk that it would bleed sometime in your partner's lifetime. Does that make sense?

I don't understand the risk thing very well. However, I am 57. I bled in 1975 (misdagnosed but confirmed) and again in 2009 (unconfirmed but not properly diagnosed until 2011). ANYWAY both the neurologist and the neurosurgeon I consulted with said risk does go down with age because of calcification. Aneurysms are riskier so I will keep you both in my prayers.