Right Temporal Lobe Craniotomy

My Surgery seems to have gone perfectly as planned. The 2 stage surgery began 5/11 - finished 5/21. 1st procedure - Craniotomy on 5/11 to install on brain and Depth Electrodes. 5/18 to perform resection of damaged goods. Everything seems to have gone wonderfully and I am now home as of 5/21.
I seem to be the same cognitively and physically as I went in, exhibiting no symptoms of changes of any kind.
well, I am exhausted physically and mentally and I sure do get an awfully painful headache sometimes.

Fantastic news, Jaime! Has it helped your seizure activity, or is it too early to tell?

Hey Tim. It’s going to be a watch and wait game for a while.

Understood. Regardless, it took a lot of courage to have the surgery. I wish you nothing but the best!

7 months later and NO seizures!! this war is over now. That's my hope. It's scary to say that out loud but I need to believe it with my whole heart. It feels amazing to be seizure free for that long of a time.
I can legally drive a car again. I haven't driven since Dec. 2010. I'm not in a hurry to either. It's a combination of a nervousness of, fear of driving after 5 years and having absence seizures. Just have to do it though. Jump back on the saddle as were.Exciting developments.