Right side symptoms

Hi everyone
Since a few days back my right leg started to swell. It started in my lower leg and worked it self up over the knee. Yesterday I went to the doktor. They did an ultrasound on my leg and
Saw nothing strange. I was calm and thought
I just have over worked my leg while running. But late last night I started to notise that also my right arm an up yo my neck was svullen to. My sense in this area is also strange. Kind of like its a sleep. Its tingeling and wen i toutch the skins it doesent feel as mutch as the left side. My tunge feels funny and sometimes I have problems speeking alright.
ok I know this sounds crasy but I wanted to hear if this is an “normal” side affekt. Really dont wanna kontact my hospital again becase they know nothing about avms and i feel like a guinnepig in their hands


This sounds pretty serious to me, especially since it has spread and is starting to affect your tongue. They tend to get pretty nervous when swelling starts hitting places that are in the face, neck, and mouth, because they're concerned about breathing and swallowing.

If I were you I would call the advice nurse at your hospital asap and discuss the symptoms with her. She'll know whether what you're experiencing warrants a visit to the hospital to figure out what's going on.

Be sure to let them know that you have been diagnosed with an AVM so they'll at least get someone to see you who has some knowledge about AVMs if they want you to come in. I am right there with you in being hesitant to call the hospital because who wants to have to go back in yet again and let them look you over one more time? But because this swelling isn't going away and is starting to affect other parts of your body, I really think you should bite the bullet and call the advice nurse or go to the hospital. If there is some kind of problem, that's where you want to be so they can help fix it.