Right side CCM/AVM and right side weakness

I have either 2 or 3 cavernous malformation or AVM, still yet to be decided, my medical records say both. Like many of you my past experience with doctors has been horrible. I do however have an appointment with Dr. Awad in Chicago May 16, so I am looking forward to meeting with him and hoping to get some clear answers and help with current things going on.
I have a question though in the meantime. I have been having for the past several months terrible headaches, constant whooshing in my head, dizziness. The past few days though I have had right side weakness/pain, especially in my arm and leg. The malformation is in my right anterior temporal lobe and in the right cerebellum.
So my question is this, I am left handed. Does this make sense to anyone? Being left handed to have all issues on my right side? Anyone else had anything like this?

My daughter is left handed and AVM was located at frontal lobe. Her left side after the surgery(3/29/16) is weak. 1/4 of her brain was removed. Yesterday a month after her brain surgery she had to have emergency brain surgery again to drain fluid that remain in her cerebrum.
During the 1st surgery the dr shaved only a small area of hair, but yesterday when she went in for 2nd surgery, dr shaved half of her head.

My daughter has always been left handed and before the surgery she had been told to start training her right side which she didnt. So now she is having a hard time adjusting.

Best wishes and blessings.

Your handedness probably doesn't have much to do with which side you develop your malformations.
The whooshing sound, if it is in time with your heartbeat, is called pulsatile tinnitus and can be caused by a malformation.

The weakness is harder to sort out without seeing your scans, the right side of the brain typically controls the left side of your body. Make sure that Dr. Awad answers these questions at your visit.

Good luck to you