Right occipital lobe AVM/scheduled craniotomy. Scared and new to the group

Hi everyone. I found out I had an AVM in my occipital lobe by accident a year ago in July. I have decided to have the surgery 8/23. From what I know, it’s about 1 cm and I am told it’s not very deep. However, my neurologist has warned me I might lose my peripheral vision. I have many questions that I have forgotten to ask during the appt from just being so overwhelmed and was wondering if you guys could help. Will I lose peripheral in both eyes or one? Will losing peripheral mean I can no longer read or drive? How big will the scar be and how much hair will they shave? What does it really feel like to recover?
I recently received my BS in social work and was one week into the Masters program before I had to quit due to the surgery. I worry about not being able to continue my degree and only having a BS in social work which means a career in case work which is a lot of driving. Plus, I have two little girls who need to be taken places, which I enjoy immensely. I have a lot of worries about what life will be like when I wake up but think I would feel better about things if I knew what to expect.
I am grateful to have found this network of people like me, and thank you for sharing your stories. From the bottom of my heart, thanks in advance for your wisdom and advice.
PS. Does anyone happen to have any experience in Indiana with Dr. Jamie Bradbury st Goodman and cambell?

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Hi Lisa,
I will share my experience with you and I hope it helps a little during this time. I had a 3 cm AVM in my left occipital lobe. It was removed by craniotomy 4 years ago. Both of our eyes have right field of vision and left. The left occipital lobe controls our right field of vision. I did lose some of my right peripheral vision. I can read and do all the other activities I have always done. I lost all my right peripheral vision after embolization and craniotomy, but most of it has come back. I will be thinking of you on the 23rd and I’m praying you have a successful surgery with a speedy recovery. If you have any questions for me please do not hesitate to ask me.


The fortunate part for you is they found it before it ruptured; I had an AVM in my right occipital/parietal area that ruptured; I lost peripheral vision in both eyes to the left. It sounds like yours is accessible and they should be able to remove it.
yes there might be a chance where you lose some of your peripheral vision but it’s better to lose some than have it rupture.
each state has different requirements for vision field in order to drive so after the surgery they’ll probably send you to an opthamologist to test your vision field.
I live in Florida, I need a hundred thirty degree vision field in order to drive. Mine is just below a hundred degree vision field so I cannot drive even though I still feel like I could as I can see straight ahead and to the right fine but because I couldn’t see something coming out of my left without turning my head I don’t meet the requirements.
best wishes on your surgery and good luck in your recovery!


In regard to reading, this is done with your central vision, so reading should be unaffected / not at risk.