Returning from the Brink

Surviving my AVM, and craniotomy for the same was,
I am told, not likely, but it happened. The problem then
was returning to normal health.

The Dr. told me that I should recover bit by bit for
twelve months, and perhaps a small amount of time afterwards, but that would be it. As I returned home, a couple months after surgery, I managed to survive various physical problems and carryover illnesses and then I began to see gradual improvements. Rehab was very helpful and
then I arrived at the one year point, but I saw no big
stop to the gradual improvements.

I remember about 14 months after surgery and I was going
downstairs and without thinking about it I noticed
that I was sort of skipping down the steps...perhaps
two steps, then three and then one. It was what I
remembered doing well before my operation. It surprised me.

I was more of a witness than a participant, it seemed to
me, but the improvements continued slowly for about
four more years. Even my messed up facial expressions
returned to normal, and my memory returned to near
normal levels, and the fatigue issued were even better.

Waiting more than trying seemed to help and it all
worked out in the end. Hope it does also for you, even
quicker than for me.

I am now at the 13 1/2 year mark, far more than I dreamed
of, but I am not complaining!