Results after angio

Just came back from a 3-day hospital “Vacation”. Had an angio on wednesday…wasn´t bad itself- had no meds but didn´t hurt anyway…was really easy-going. But had a few horrible side-effects after the angio…like headache and some psychic problems. I had really weird thoughts and felt like livivng a constant Deja-Vu. Was not nice but the doc said. it was a side effect from the dye they injected. After drinking very much and sleeping a bit all went away. Hadn´t had much pain on my groin too, they did that very well. So after they looked on my pics they said it is a very complex case…nearly 5 cm in my right temporal lobe…with several feeders and a deep vein drainage. So - I think no chance for crainotomy. They hadn´t decided what to do when i left the hospital some hours ago. They said the neuro-radiosurgeons and the cancer-specialists-radiosurgeo​ns will have to discuss and decide what best to do. So i have to wait till next week till i get to know my results. Iam still a bit tired and weird in my head…but i think I just need some sleep.

Hi Manux, I am so glad you got through the angio and hopefully next week you will also have a treatment plan. I also had headache after my angio but also had flashing lights and distorted vision. In Northern Ireland they don’t keep you in hospital as an in patient, you have the procedure, rest for 4 hours and then you go home. I am due to see my consultants next Thursday and they will discuss my treatment options. Initially they said that I would need a number of embolisations and after the blood supply is reduced to my AVM they will then proceed with gamma knife surgery. Wishing you well, get plenty of sleep and rest - you need it. Take Care Susan

Hi Manux…Glad your angio is over. It seems that you are alergic to the dye they used, so make sure they have that on your records so they don’t ever use that type of dye for you. There are other types they can use that won’t cause that side effect. I also had my AVM on my left temporal lobe. They had to do proton beam radiation to take the AVM away. I remember having to also wait a week to meet with the doctors to discuss what treatment they could use. PBR was my only chose. What I did was find the best doctors in my area, so I trusted everything they said. In the meantime, keep the faith. I’ll aways be here, if you need someone to chat with. Louisa

Hi Manux, good o hear that your angion is now beind you and you can move forward with your treatment options! I’m sure the docs will discuss your options with you in detail and you can move forward in your healing.

Get plenty of rest now and keep us posted on the next steps and know that we are here to support you thru this!!!

Blessings to you my friend :slight_smile: