Rest in peace Alvaro

Alvaro, rest in peace. He was only 20. His mothers contact to me throught rare disorder association for she wants to meet people with avm. He felt alone because he not met another people with his disease. He met me on August and I gave him a little hope. i’m sad today because his mother mail me that He died last friday opressed for his blood. Rest in peace Alvaro

It’s a blessing that you could touch his life and give him hope. I’m sorry for your friend, but I know there is a heaven and I imagine you will see him again someday. He was so young. It does remind us that we need to live life fully, as we never know when it will be our time. And yes, we need to get the word out about AVMs so that people don’t feel so alone. This site helps so much. God bless you and I wish you the best.

So very young and so very very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and with his family. Life is precious and we need to live as much as we can because as we know, you just never know what’s around the corner. To you, all the very best, Lesley.

Hello Luiscc .
I am sorry for your loss . It is difficult to lose a friend , old or new they may be , and I shall pray for Alvaro and his family that they find peace and love in their hearts .
And as always Luiscc you and yours are in my prayers . You are a lovely man Luiscc with a kind heart , gentle soul and strong mind . Alvaro was blessed to have you in his life even if only for a moment; And you are blessed to have had him in yours for to be able to share yourself with another and give them hope is a gift from God .
Be good to you . Take care of you .
May God guide , guard and hold you ( all ) in the palm of His hand as always .

I’m so sorry for your loss… only 20… so very very young. In my prayers.

I hope give this link at his mother, for she see that another persons are affected by AVM, and all this people feel and cry the die of her sun.

Rest in Peace, Alvaro!

Michelle (Facial/Cheek) said… Hello Luiscc, I’m very sorry to hear that your friend Alvaro has passed away at such a young age. He was lucky to have had you come into his life recently.
God saw that he was weary,
the hill too steep to climb.
He gently closed his loving eyes
and whispered ‘Peace be Thyne’.
Deepest condolences to you & his family from your friend in Australia. Take care

Thank you, Luiscc, for letting everyone on here know about Alvaro. So sorry to learn of his passing! My heart breaks when I learn someone has not been able to overcome these vascular malformations. May God be with us all and have mercy on us!

I told his mother about this web. But I gave her some information and links about AVM. They live in a small city far of the reference hospitals. The first bled was when he was child. They thought that they was alone, didn’t meet persons with avm. Until last july, that they met me by means of rare disease association.