*Breeze blew through


beyond reason

magic moments
found and lost

never to be faced*

Yet another decision arrived,
beyond my own choice.
Escaping into a bubble state,
so protective and safe
still so close to resignation.
Been there, done that,
the return is tough,
I know.
I feel that I drift away
from my known feelings,
becoming a stranger to myself.
Blindfolded by my new emotions
I can not longer find my call.
I am left with a vacuum so immersive,
where only my bobble will survive.
The magic space
seems lost and gone,
...together with the breeze
that blew my direction...
What happened with all the challenges of life
that I search?
Perhaps this resignation turns out to be
the toughest of them all!
Mobilizing all my powers to fight :)

That’s a wonderful writing Hanne, it’s so hard trying to go forward sometimes after and during these things…

Thank you James.
It really helps putting words to thoughts.
Two steps forward one step back.

…but never loose hope…

Hi Hanne,

I’ve been in the place you are right now both in the in the distant and not-too-distant past. Out of those dark periods have come a new sense of purpose and direction. While they have been hard to go through, I feel my life has eventually been better because of those struggles. I hope this period you now are facing becomes a period of rebirth as well.

Best wishes,