Resection on 1-31-10

I'm writing you guys now because I'm having the Resection of the AVM surgery on the 31st of this month. I'm doing ok I guess with the idea of having my head cut open! I'm afraid of the unknown and praying that everything goes well. I've been very irritable lately and just thinking about it makes me ILL!! If I talk about it 2 much it makes me very upset,because I have some people who thinks that its my attitude that makes this ordeal hard. I won't go into detail but lets just say, You find out who your friends are during this time of need. I don't need pity but I do need a strong support system that can help me work through this process. I've read a couple of post about the Gamma Knife and surgery and I've talk to so many doctors that I could probably write a book. I can tell you one thing the Embolizations are a freakin JOKE!!!!!!!!! According to the IR he basically thinks it did more harm than good, and I'm like WOW! You have to be freakin kidding me and I've had how many 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the reason I had the seizure a couple months ago--y because the GLUE that they used to help is making things worse. My headaches are like WOAh now! I mean any smell or light can trigger these massive headaches. i can't keep a sick leave day at ALL, so I go to work most of the time feeling like a truck has run over me but life goes on right!

Well anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

This AVM-thing can be so agonizing. . . the decisions! . I am planning on Gamma but the 2-3 year waiting period is really scary- I don't think there is an easy pick with the treatment options. The idea of surgery is very scary but having it done and moving on sounds REALLY nice.

Please keep us updated :-) I will be thinking of you!

I’ve put your resection date on my calendar, and will keep you in my prayers that day. I’m doing fine after having my head cut open, but I was lucky enough not to know in advance. Keep your chin up - maybe this time it will all work! :slight_smile:

But once it's gone hopefully all those problems will disappear too and then happy days are here again!!!!

This site should have a calendar where we can put all our stuff on so we can keep track of who's getting what done and when....

Thanks guys! It’s good 2 Hear some encouraging words. Yes we should have our own individual calendars 2 mark each others progress. Off 2 bed guys so ! Ttyl