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Request for all who pray


Thank you all for all your replies, they are so helpful. Now I need your prayers. Please pray for me, that the vein between my eye and nose stays flat and not puffy. This may sound weird but long ago it was so puffy and visible,thanks to my avm, that it made me embarrassed even though I wore my glasses. Then my old neuro doc got it down for me. Now it seems to want to puff out again and I try to hold off on surgery because I hate it so bad. Thankx for your prayers! :slight_smile:


You have my prayers…God Bless You.


You are in my prayers. May God continue to bless and care for you.

Sharon D…


Prayers going up


Prayed for you as you continue!


I appreciate your prayers very much…God Bless you!


I have added u to my prayer list


Praying :pray:t3:


Praying for ya!


Sending prayers!!!


Hope all went well…:slight_smile:


God bless you! Prayers!