Repeat bleeds

I had a Hemicolectomy 14 months ago. I also have Myleodysplastic syndrome,which is the bone marrow doesn't make enough red cells,so having more bleeds frightenes the heck out of me,

my Hemaglobin is always roughly between 98 and114.bleeds were putting me way under the transfusion line..

During my hemicolectomy they didn't remove all of the AVMs. I have remaining ones there and I have just had a drop of 10in a FBC .with the red cell count being 11 down to I think it was 103,another bleed now would be transfusion time...My question is how often is it normal for the avms to do their bleeds, after hemicolectomy,s??

it is a real pain having the both conditions,as one thing I cant afford to have is, any reduction in my red cell count, I totally rely on the ones the bone marrow manages to make and it isnt anywhere near enough as it stands..

i hope this all makes sense to anyone reading it but I am kinda desperate for some knowledge on the subject....thanks for being there for me.. thanks for reading I hope you all have a lovely Christmas

Hello marylee-jane and I hope others are able to respond to your questions. I will keep you in my prayers and your little dog too!

Hi Marylee
I know that some foods help increase your red cells, such as red meat, specially liver, if you can find borojo ( a Colombian fruit that is really rich in iron please take it. I really recommend it: as a matter of fact a friend that had an open heart surgery programmed took borojo juice to increase her red blood cells because the doctor said that if her had to increase her red cells or else the doctor couldn’t operate her. Eat fruits with high iron content such as apple. I hope this helps. God bless you.

I will keep you in my prayers.