Removal of my coil

ok im having a vent again, I am more than annoyed! after I had the surgery on my head I developed an infection (which was caused by the drainage tube) at the time they didnt know the cause of the infection so they removed my Marina contraceptive coil in case it was that (had it in for 3 years with no problems) they told me they had done it ( even though i was in and out of consciousness and having conversations with teddy bears) but neglected to tell my husband. last week as a result of this I had to have a surgical termination done. it really wasnt my choice the dr said even the early stages would be dangerous for me as it was so close to having the bleed and having 3 children already my husband could not cope with being my carer and looking after everyone, so the decision was made it was best to 'deal' with it before it got too far im not equipped to deal with this mentally and i am so angry that i was put in this position. I think my husband should have been told.

I am so sorry to hear you had to go through this and they never told your husband. I think this has to be some kind of violation of your rights. And then they charge you for it. I am still reviewing my medical bills wondering why they did some of the tests like a chest xray when it was my brain.
I would also contact the medical board and the hospital to complain- Good Luck

I am so sorry to hear! this is ridiculous! my thoughts and prayers go to you and your family!

I have looked into complaining but neither of the hospitals are taking any responsibility for it and both say they would have needed gyne to take it out but i have a clear memory of them telling me this which only came back once it was too late and there is no records to say it had been removed but it went somewhere and i did not see it fall out after. In your case would they have done the chest x-ray to rule out clot being formed elsewhere most common place is around the heart for aneurysms.

thank you so much for your kind words, im kinda hoping that because im not really aware of whats going on at the moment I wont remember it in the future but I kind of think one day it will all come back and bite me in the butt but at least then i will be capable of dealing with it in a 'normal' way.

In my case this was before my AVM last year in March I had a rare stroke they could see with the 2 CTs and 2 MRIs that I had a huge amount of edema. I lost use of my left side,I also could not talk soon after. Then I was transferred to Stanford where they did all the same tests except for the chest xray and still they did not know what was going on...They were doing nothing for my pain or swelling for three days. They were telling my family I was dying and had a tumor. They were going to operate to see what was going on in the middle of my brain and finally gave me a MRV that showed five blood clots and then started to put me on blood thinners. From all the swelling I had memory issues and some brain damage. Thankfully I am almost back to normal still have pain on the left side leg. But as you know you learn to live with it. Then from the stroke it blew out my left transverse sigmoid vein and then I grew a fistula DAVF...the stroke doctor when I told him I was hearing a whooshing and could not sleep and was almost passing out...he said I dont think you can have another rare thing.....then they did the MRA which another doctor said the blood was flowing in the wrong direction and they said it was in the 5 to 10 percent that they call magligent and needed an angiogram. So I thought after the angiogram and embolism I would feel a great deal better. But then I got occipital neuropathy.
I hope in time it gets better but I had to have a nerve block which lasted three times and then had 30 shots of botox in my head which has helped a bit but not as much as I had thought. The pain neuro said she is worried it will be like this for the rest of my life chronic head pain. But at least I am alive walking etc so I am thankful. Also thankful for this site where I have learned so much.