Hi everyone. We might possibly be relocating to either Orlando, FL or Houston/Dallas, TX. Any good suggestions for a neurosurgeon or neuroradiologist in those areas? Any input is much appreciated!!! If you have had a bad experience as well with someone in those areas their names would also be appreciated. Thank you all!

Hi Gavin’s Mom. I did a search for you…
I have several AVM friends in that area.
You can delete the word Houston and put in the word Katy or Tomball which are suberbs of Houston.
Do the same for Dallas or Orlando. Good Luck!

Children's Medical Center in Dallas is great! Next to University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

I'm in the Houston area & definitely would recommend Dr. Dong Kim at Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston.

He is treating my AVM, and found (and treated) 2 aneurysms while doing so.