Relief? Is that what I am feeling?

Haven’t been on here in awhile…
Angiogram 2 weeks ago. Painless and went great! Hurled afterwards and got myself admitted but I am sensitive to meds. I have two “identical” DVM, one on each side of my brain. One has a CCM involved. It did bleed… I feel relief to know that my brain has actually bled and all the crap I went thru last summer with being sick has an “explanation” but on the flip side, MRI once a year is kinda scary… I don’t ever want to be that sick again blah!!! and am not feeling very “proactive” when it comes to treatment. Any advice? I figure it’s best to go ahead and take a chill pill but I do feel to a degree that I am just sitting around waiting for it to happen all over again… Smile!!

Hi Misti,
Glad to hear your angiogram went well and you have validative answers to your symptoms.
Have you sought out a 2nd opinion w/ CCM experts? Multiple opinions w/ expert neurosurgeons is always a good option. When you seek an opinion from an expert neurosurgeon (with A LOT of experience diagnosing & treating CM's), does not mean you 'automatically' have surgery. The choice of surgery vs. wait-&-see is solely up to you. :)
As for annual MRI's, yeah it brings on anxiety, but is part of CM management.
Best wishes.

Thanks! I am thrilled with my doc. From all reviews, one if not THE best at Vanderbilt and I am not ready to jump on any “treatment” right now anyways. Just getting back to feeling “normal” and I wanna enjoy that for a minute!! Smile… Just letting it all sink in, I guess blah!! ha… My new reality, I suppose!!

Misti, The best thing that I did, during the "waiting" time, was keep as busy as you can, so you don't just think about it. It made me read lots of books, so I found very little time to think about it! I went hiking, looked at the trees and wildlife, etc. Anything to not think about "what's next". Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

Being "thrilled w/your doc" is @ the top of 'my list' & I'm happy you found the 'right' medical care & direction for you. :)

Good health to you!

Thank you!! A bit of a meltdown kinda day but learning how to cope with this new normal!! I am blessed and still very much “ME” … Smile!!

Thanks! What was the time between your bleeds? Did you learn anything about risk with bleeding again after your first??..

Thanks for the reply!! Yes, a bleed is pain that I am sure I would recognize again. I don’t do sick well or often soooo I am enjoying being “well” and taking it a day at a time. Started my journey to quit smoking today because THAT is something I can control!!! Wish me luck!! Smile

Hi Misti! You have a wonderful attitude and I can feel your Strength & Courage to fight thru this coming thru in your message!!! As long as you are under a doctors care, which sounds like you are,
keep fighting the good fight and know that "this too shall pass"!

You are a true fighter and will be Blessed abundantly as you continue to persevere thru this under your doctors care and in the interim, enjoy each and every day of life to the fullest:)!