Rehabilitation centers

Hello I’m looking for some recommendations on rehab centers. My sister is currently unable to walk, but has very good function of her arms, she currently still has a G tube in as well but has been working on eating solid foods.

My family and I are looking into any rehab facility that would possibly accept her. She is currently in a nursing home that does not have very much structure in their rehab.

Our top pick was shepherds center in Atlanta but they won’t accept her because she is not a resident of Georgia.

We currently live in Indiana and another facility we are aware of is one in Illinois, I’m not a big fan of this facility because they have their patients off of the facility in apartment type housing. My father would not be able to stay with my sister in this housing situation.

Does anyone have experience with rehabilitation centers that they’d like to share? Recommend? I’m also interested in ones that specialize in pediatric rehabilitation in the Northeast U.S.