I am still going through tons of therapy to get myself better. I desperately want to play soccer again, but it has to wait until I can get my left leg and arm all the way back. My left arm (strength wise) is about 60% back, my left leg feels about 45% percent back. Until then , going back to school is going to be really hard, but a good challenge.Wish me luck!

You know what, Cassie? You are young and you will continue to get stronger and stronger. Young people just seem to have tremendous recoveries so just keep at your rehad. I am sure you are working SO hard at your recovery and you are such a brave girl to go thru all of this and you will just keep on fighting hard.
I am amazed at your strength after reading your Mom’s story about what happened to you. That must have been so terrifying. You will be one strong girl after all of this but you just have to stay positive. I am thinking of you. Keep us posted to your progress if you can because that helps other people who are going thru the same thing.
I will wish you much luck and strength too! :slight_smile: And hugs from Canada!

Good luck! You can beat this AVM stuff and will return to soccer, no doubt.