Does anyone encounter explaining the difference between Amy Winehouse/AA or NA rehab. and pt/ot/speech/etc. rehab.?

One of the 2 groups is Rehab. The other is therapy.They both seem to mean the same, but some rehab is forced on a person who needs it. Therapy is free will when you have your wits about you,


They try to make me go to rehab. I said no, no, no! You know, I never thought about that question until you asked it. I've used rehab several times on this site and never thought anything of it. Where I did mine was in the same hospital where I was treated, it's in-patient. Everyone there always referred to it as the "rehab unit".

I always had that song in my head when going to outpatient (maybe I should call it) therapy.

But I was inpatient in what was called "Rehab. of Michigan"; when I would tell stories, I would say One time, at Rehab.

I never thought twice about it until someone brought it up to me. I don't think that I seem like a junky. Maybe I do seem like a junky. Maybe I need a nap.

Julie, you are funny

beans still is a family joke that I would sing the Amy Winehouse song alot when I came home from Rehab/Therapy appointments. They even had to call in a Psyc to talk to me when I was told that I had to spend some time in Rehab and I said.....No, No, No....

By the way, have you listened to the Tony Bennett song with Amy Winehouse? She had the most amazing voice..she sounds like Billy Holiday singing with him!

That's so funny that you bring that up...I'm listening to Tony B. right now. My neighbors probably wonder why Tony, then The Clash, then James Blunt, then Fleetwood Mac. I love music...what can I say. I guess there's research on how music helps the brain. That's my excuse for liking a wide variety of brain needs it.

I like both of them, but no, I haven't...just Tony Bennett with Lady Gaga.

Weezie, I think we have another kindred spirit in Julie! I totally sang that song every time I had to go. They used to call me the Rock Star in rehab because I sang everything, albeit badly since the trach tube! And Julie, the Clash London Calling in my very favorite song of all time! The quintessential song of my youth!


In addition to what others have said,

#1,...there is substance abuse re-habilitation (re-hab). (ie) alcohol, drugs and related addicitions,...etc,..etc (either forced upon one or volunteered participation)

#2,...there is therapy, which can include physical, speech, thought, mental recognition/recall, verbal and written,...etc,..etc. (AVM related, by physicians recommendation or individual volunteered participation)

I hope this helps or maybe it is now as clear as mudd,.....*wink*

How about "I'm a Survivor" by Beyonce or Destiny's Child? That one stuck in my head when going to stroke support group or "the gym".

Sooo glad you listen to The Clash. I had one speech therapist at a school I went to who didn't know what an album was...wa-wa! That completely bummed me out.

At a different surgery recovery, my one sister and her husband were playing a game with me - something like Trivial Pursuit but with song'd like it. I did pretty well with guessing the artist, and my sister got really into singing part of the lyrics.

Thanks, William - clear as mudd =)

Julie, music is "my thing". I can recite song lyrics to almost any song ever written. I'm great with naming the artist as well. I can listen to a song and tell you who sings it. I'm so glad the bleed didn't take that from me! I'm ususally the entertainment at parties. Like stupid human tricks, with music!

I finally heard the Amy Winehouse duet...she did an awesome job covering Sara Vaughn's Body and Soul. I guess that was one of her dad's favorite songs.

i dont, but i always wait for someone to ask, "u were in rehab? is that what happened?" No one has asked, whether it's because they don't care, assume i mean drug rehab, or feel its impolite to ask, i have no idea

Jim, English please! I do know that Pie Jesu is from Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Requim". There have been many artists.