Rehab clinics

Hi everyone, I’m trying to research rehab facilities in uk and I’m overwhelmed with it all. Do any of you have recommendations and how worthwhile do you think they are?? I have limited funtion in my arm anm and i walk with a limp. I was in an Nhs independent living facility for a month an found it hugely beneficial having Physio for hour a day. Will a private facility get me more on a day to day basis? As you can tell I’m struggling with Internet research!! Thank you

depends i guess. I had speech therapy mon, tue, fri for 6 months or so for an hour; but i was driven to the hospital. The drivers are all volunteers, so u dont have to pay for it all.

I’m getting Physio from nhs but I feel I could be getting more from it. I know there are places you can go for couple weeks or so an get intensive therapy, obviously privately. Just wanted to know if anyone else had gone gone that route. Thanks