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Regular tinnitus AFTER embolization


I had embolization for an “aggressive” dAVF August 21, 2018. Main symptoms going in were pulsatile tinnitus (PT) and occasional vertigo. The PT is gone, and my balance is back, but…

Now I have a mild regular tinnitus, like a faint white noise buzz on the same side as the original PT; it started a few weeks back. Not bad enough to interfere with sleep. I never had regular tinnitus before.

Did any of you develop regular tinnitus post-embolization?

They went up the middle meningeal artery (MMA), then went down and to the posterior branch of the MMA. Initial plan was just to use Onyx. On the way, they ruptured the MMA, and created a fistula between it and an MM vein. They withdrew the Onyx catheter, and put in a new catheter to deliver platinum coils into the ma-made fistula, which is actual “in front of my ear” (intracranial). In fact that fistula has the most mass added to my head.

I’ve found just two people who developed regular tinnitus after embolization to cure PT. One still has it, much worse than mine; one, who had an extremely similar procedure (including the doctor-created fistula in the MMA, blocked by coils), lost the regular tinnitus “after a while.”

Thanks much.


I had tinnitus before and after embolizations. It also is a high pressure noise too.


Yes, I also developed regular tinnitus after my coil embolization for a left-sided DAVF that was fed by the left middle meningeal artery.

Prior to the embolization, I had pulsatile tinnitus, which resolved immediately. I woke up and the PT was gone, but instead I heard a high pitch ringing in my left ear. It sounds like air is being let out of a tire. I had no prior history of regular tinnitus, and I sort of assumed it was a temporary side effect of the intervention and would go away eventually.

I am almost one year out from my embolization and the regular tinnitus hasn’t changed - no better, no worse. It is there about half the time. I notice that I always hear it when I am being active (jogging, going for a walk) and it is always “on” when I am in a moving vehicle. It is annoying, but not nearly as crazy-making as the pulsatile tinnitus.

I’ve spoken to several doctors about this. No one is quite sure what to make of it, but no one seems concerned. I did have a hearing test which showed very slight high frequency sensorineural hearing loss in my left ear. I was told that the fistula or the embolization may have caused some nerve damage, though again, no one really knows for sure.

Hopefully we will both see improvement over time!


Thanks! My regular tinnitus is mild, and started about 4 weeks after the operation. The PT was actually worse after the operation, but gradually resolved in 4 days, came back after an unintentional BP spike and has been absent since, except for a very faint pulse. I can’t hear the regular tinnitus at all unless the environment is quiet. I’m curious which nerves are near the embolizations; but the recanalized blood vessels may also impinge on nerves.


The Hi I had an embolization in May 2018, I had a follow up MRAin August and showed that the fistula was completely gone. Since then I have had occasional PT an regular tinnitus that the doctor is aware of and was not concerned. This morning I awoke with PT back and constant ringing both ears ,Could I have another fistula, I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been using a cpap machine. Could this somehow cause PT?