"Regressing" after surgery?

I am 14 months post brainstem surgery and my cognitive and sensory were the most affected by my 3 previous bleeds. Surgery didnt make them better. However, I have noticed that lately, they seem worse. I dont know if its because I am resuming a very "normal" life, trying to do as much as before as possible, but my body is just not as strong... I realise that... but lately, I am forgetting a lot more, i have a lot of issues that are scaring me. I truly think that its because I push too hard, but at the same time I worry that something is wrong. I worry about early Alzheimer. Can a brain injury bring on something like htat?

Dandelion, this former discussion about Organic Brain Syndrome may be of interest to you: http://www.avmsurvivors.org/forum/topics/obs-organic-brain-syndrome

I will hope that your regression is due to not enough rest. Try not to push too hard. Don't forget to smell the rosemary. :)

Hahaha I need to remember the Rosemary!! I was SO stressed yesterday... probably due to the one cup of coffee I had (it affects me pretty bad, but I LOVE coffee!!) and I cant help it but be so stressed and nervous with so many people not doing well. I am sure you know the feeling!! Being involved in people's lives... and witness them getting worse..etc etc. Lots of bad news the past 2 weeks. And spring is crazy with school close to an end, activities etc etc. My Brain just cant keep up, so I know a lot of this is due to pushing hard, but I will go read that page right now Thank you so much!!

I read about it then went online and read some more. Sounds like I need to start with getting myself on "Brain rest" (Bed rest for the brain) hahaha and then if it keeps getting worse, see my Neuro. Urgh

Hey again, dandelionwishes and you are not alone in your experience. I remembered and had even written in my journal that I thought I had another stroke and even told my neurologist about my decision. Well, he assured me that I did not have another stroke and yes some of my physical limitations had returned! So, I looked on this website and found the experiences of some of the other members very reassuring and realized that I had a condition that I will deal with the rest of my life. Please keep posting as needed for it's very therapeutic to read others' thoughts.

What are you using as benchmarks for your recovery? Considering what you've been through, I'm sure there are natural peaks and valleys during the process.
Is there are anything that is measurable, say remembering 5 words after 5 minutes. Something like that.
Regardless, it's important to push yourself but listen to your mind and body when they are saying you're overdoing it.
Best wishes!

I think your brain is tired and is telling you something. It may be time to re-read A Letter Drom My Brain…http://www.waiting.com/letter.html
14 months is not a lot of time when it comes to full recovery. Just try and take it one day a times.

Thank you so much Susan :) I am realising more and more that despite my CM being gone, this is something I will deal with for the rest of my life.

Thank you tdz103m!
I am having a hard time to find a balance between pushing myself and know my limits. I tend to push myself too much! i dotn know why i assumed that after one year this was it.. I have been reading that it take more than a year for a lot of people.

I love "letter from my brain" I need to read it at least once a week... I dont know why I thought one year was the magical number... I really have been having a lot of issues right now... it is also because that one year mark is used by people around me too. i have to really find my limits and stick with them.

It’s unfortunately a life long recovery process. I had mine back in 1998 and continue to struggle with memory. I wish there was a quick fix but like all head injuries there is no one guarantee method that works. Try different techniques and exercises until you find that clicks for you. Don’t push yourself to hard or to fast and take one day at a time. While I know its difficult stay positive and encourage yourself that you can beat it.

Thank you Todd :) You are right! Staying positive is key, and doing all I can to improve my memory!