Regaining movement post stroke or surgery

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my surgery and a post-op stroke left my left side paralyzed…That being said, my surgeon was completely confident that it will all come back because my brain is mostly swollen rather than damaged… I can walk now as some leg function has come back as has a flicker of finger flexion. Did anyone have any special tricks to get things going?

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My wife had swelling on the left side of the brain after years of being treated with stereotactic surgery. She woke up one morning of January 2011 unable to move her right foot. Up to this moment she cannot still move her right foot but could walk in a steppage gait. Hoping things get better for her as well! I’ll include you in my prayers as well! Get well soon!

You may wish to contact this member…
He is amazing.
Do not panic yet. After my bleed I could not even push a plastic cup across a table. In 12 months I went back to work pushing a 200 pound beverage/food cart across The United States. It may not seem like it but …it’s what I call the early days yet.
Sending positive thoughts your way!

I have a couple of tricks that may help. For finger dexterity I started pretending to play the piano. Then when I could use all five fingers I started trying to touch my thumb to each finger. Eventually I started to time myself to see how many fingers I could touch to my thumb in 20 seconds. Walking for me was the hard part. I used to put 2 and 3 lb. weights in a purse then hang it on my ankle or calf and slide my leg side to side on an ottoman while I watched tv. The physical therapist actually gave me that idea. She told me the fastest way to get back to normal is to get your limbs used to moving, even if they aren’t supporting any weight the motion helps the muscles stay fit.

Hi Barbara!

Did you find that movements just came back? I’m still in hospital plugging away and lifting 1 lb very clumsily. It is agonizingly hard and the movement is so abnormal.

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No special tricks but good faith & positive thinking helps…God bless you buddy hope all works out for you in the future and its all up hill from here on.

Hi Vera. Mostly I regained movement through PT and time. Did you see Nando’s video?
Last year he was in a wheelchair!