How long have you waited to hear back from a referral? What usually happens after meeting the doctor you were referred to?


Well, my family doctor and my husband were both pretty pushy about getting me in to the neurosurgeon I was referred to.

I've had migraines for years, but after several days and a trip to the E.R. in April, my husband took me to my family doctor & insisted on a CT. They were able to fit me in that afternoon (a Wednesday), when my family doc rec'd the results on Thursday, he told my husband to get me in for an MRI ASAP, so I had that on Friday. My family doc started researching neurosurgeons that weekend, and referred me to Dr. Kim. My husband found Dr. Kim's e-mail on the internet, and emailed him & his assistant some of my MRI scans. First thing Monday morning, my husband was on the phone & got me in to see Dr. Kim the next day (Tuesday). He wanted better pics, so he scheduled me for an agiogram the following week. About a week and a half after that, we met to plan treatment. Four weeks later, I had my first Gamma Knife Radiation treatment (last week). I meet with him again next week for my follow up.

April, all I can say is that you have to be your own advocate with the doctors and please don't feel like you're bugging them. Actually, I think some of the doctors actually appreciate the assertiveness with some of their patients. I didn't have to get a referral because mine was under a critical emergency situation, however, I have been and continue to be very assertive with my team of doctors and they have been wonderful in answering all of my questions and scheduling the necessary follow up visits after spending 3 weeks in the hospital back in FEB. I am now going for my last and final treatment next WED. They are treating the residual AVM with the CyberKnife treatment which followed my embolization I had in FEB that treated 95% of my AVM. Please do keep being persistent :-)!!!

- Michele