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Red/purple spot on my AVM that comes and goes


Hey guys sorry I’ve been posting a lot lately. Anyway I have had this red/purple spot coming and going for YEARS and have never gotten to a doctor in time for them to actually see it. Anyone else experience this? I know it’s probably just blood pooling closer to the surface but idk for sure.


It might be an angioma. I read someone else posting about angiomas recently. Or it might be a telangiaectasia. But they might just be posh words for blood under the surface, as you say! I’m not familiar enough with either.

Now you’ve got a photo of it, show a doc the photo next Time!

I managed to get a recording of my pulsatile tinnitus on my phone by pressing the phone microphone to my head before I got to see my first specialist, so if he hadn’t heard it himself first time, I’d have shown him the evidence. Modern technology can help in ways you don’t always think.

Hope this helps,