Recurrence of Paediatric avm

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I previously posted asking about recurrence if paediatric avm. I know others were also interested/concerned. I found these two articles which were published recently which I share below.

My daughter is due an Mra next month, 1 year post operatively. One of the articles notes that recurrence wasn’t detected by mra only by Dsa. I’ll be asking her surgeon about this at our next appointment - obviously the radiation risks have to be balanced with the likelihood of recurrence.


Thank you for the articles. What did the doctor say, in regards to your question?

We didn’t actually get to see our consultant because of Covid :weary:. She had her mra and he wrote to say he was happy to stretch her appointments out to 2 years.

Hello there … We had a kinda similar situation and when i searched like you and found out that the gold standard is to do DSA after one year of the surgery i demand my doctor to do it and we did it and thank god there was nothing (( yaay )) and the doctor told me that from now on he only needs to do MRI each 5 years until he is 18 (( he was 6 when he had the surgery )). Hope that helps.

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Hi Omairi,

Thanks for that and so delighted that you got the all clear from the Dsa. Anna’s post op Dsa was clear, did your son have one immediately after the operation? I will ask about having another one at our next appointment for sure.

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No we only had ct angieo after two days of the surgery and mri ango 6 months after and the last one was DSA after 1 year and 2 months.