Hi, I am new to this. I found this group and thought I would join. Back in February of 2014, my boyfriend had his bleed. He all of a sudden complained of a sharp pain and next thing I knew he was in surgery to relieve the pressure in his brain. The next day he had an angiogram to find out that he do have an AVM rupture and then had emergency brain surgery. The bleed effected his right side of his body, speech and understanding (writing, reading, memory). He is currently at home receiving in-home therapies. This just started about 2 months ago. The fact that he can’t express himself is frustrating for him. I’ve noticed attitude changes and aggressiveness. But this gets better every time I see him. Has anyone else witnessed this? He acts sort of immature at times and doesn’t know his own strength when it comes to being “playful.” I think that he acts this way because he has a hard time engaging in conversation. Any feedback would be great.

Hi Nicolette, I had an AVM removed surgically and I can relate to most everything you have described here. I am also physically challenged with the right side of my body (writing, walking, etc.) and my speech was affected. The only part that I don't think I was affected with was understanding (although I will talk to my parents to see if they noticed anything drastic).
Having an AVM burst (which mine didn't but I know someone who had this happen) is extremely difficult and challenging. It will get better in time, for now patience and understanding is the best thing you can do for your boyfriend. I cant imagine how hard it must be for him not to be able to express himself. Aggressiveness and being a little 'pushy' is normal. Again, patience is key. He is still the same person just frustrated as heck and its understandable. Please if you have any other questions for any feedback, feel free to ask.
- Penny H

Hey Nicolette,
I’m a AVM survivor. I’m sorry that your significant other went through the same ordil that I myself experienced. In the past I was stubborn. Even though every case has to be treated different understand that the guy you feel in love with is still in him, he just can’t express himself in the way he use to. Understand that is the coping mechanism the body has. And if you need more support I’m here if you feel like you need someone that has first person knowledge and a supportive viewpoint into his outburst. Just put in the Subject line avmsurvivors group so I can pull it right up. I hope I can assist you in helping your boyfriend through these trying times for you both.

Yours truly,Tex

Hi Nicolette, welcome ! I had a bleed when I was 20 and My boyfriend stayed by my side to help me regain what I lost. When he’s not working on therapy at home. try bringing him to the park to get some fresh air and maybe work on crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles to help improve with his Focus and awareness. Hope this helps :slight_smile: