Hi all Imy AVM ruptured over 4 years ago now and before it happened to me I was a very sporty person and played many sports and would like to get back in to them but I still cant run Ive had to learn how to walk again but will really like to get running again so I can play sports again does anyone no how long It will take before I will be fully recovered or had I just give up hope of playing sports again?x

Hi Jay - I think that it's different for everyone - I've had several pt sessions to walk without a walker - I used to be a ballroom dancing instructor plus plenty of sporting activities before that - so I'm hoping soon.

If not, I'm doing my best to prepare myself for what some docs. told me - but I used to not be able to do anything but struggle to get in and out of a hospital bed - and then struggled to just paddle with my feet in a wheelchair - and then struggled to get in a wheelchair, etc. - you can see why I don't really buy what I've been told - call me hard-headed - I'm hoping that this "attribute" will help me to walk without a walker again.

Either way, keep up your hard work - it will pay off some day.

cheers guys xxx

All of us understand!

Jay..I also's been 4 hears since my brain bleed also. Keep the Faith!